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The new Kobo readers are repairable. Smart cars and TVs are selling your driving and viewing habits.

Kobo's new eReaders are user repairable!

Kobo is making its eReaders user repairable. This might not mean that anyone can do it, but they've teamed up with IFIXIT to make repair videos and excellent repair toolkits available. This means that any tech savvy person will be able to do repairs.
Liliputing article

Smart Cars are selling your information

The technology in today’s cars can collect these kinds of personal information, and the fine print of user agreements describes how manufacturers get you to consent every time you put the keys in the ignition.
An Engadget article

Smart TV is monitoring you

Consumer reports article which describes how to turn off "Automatic Content Recognition" or ACR in Smart TVs. TV makers are now making more selling your viewing habits than they do on the TV sets themselves.

Date: June 2024

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