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Forms you can use

I have made a few forms that could be useful to many of you. Please feel free to use them. All forms are in PDF format.

Email Setup:

This form allows you to record the information needed to setup a new email account or an account on a new computer. You really can't setup an email program without being able to complete the information on this form. Some email programs may not show you all these options, so it is possible they don't all need to be answered. If you can't find the answer for uses EHLO or Uses SPA, don't worry about it, you might not be asked.

Router Setup:

This form records the information you need to know about your router. Without this information, you'll find yourself in hot water if you need to change something. Please, complete this form for your router.

New Fillable Maintenance Check

This is the form I complete every month for those clients who have me doing their monthly maintenance. For the rest of you, I suggest completing this form each month for all of your computers.

Older Maintenance Check:

New Fillable System Setup

This is the checklist I use whenever I setup a new computer. I sell computers, but often clients get a good deal elsewhere and simply hire me to set up and secure the computer for them.

Older System Setup:

Thinking About A Notebook:

This is a form to help you clarify your thoughts if you are considering a notebook computer.

Revised: August 2014

Date: April 2012

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