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Computer Stands

As simple as it may sound, a computer stand is a useful security measure. Getting the computer up off the floor provides 4 advantages for tower cases:

  • In case of flood or water damage (a water heater  or roof may leak), having the computer a few inches off the ground may save the computer and data
  • Stands have wheels and can sometimes make the computer easier to move
  • Raising the computer off the floor helps airflow and cooling
  • Raising the computer might reduce dust

The important thing to remember with computer stands is to make sure they don't cover the air intake vents. I also get nervous when the computers are tilted at angles, but perhaps that's just me.

Oregon Computer Solutions keeps stands in stock and offers two of them:

  • Rolling Computer Stand: Locking Wheels on bars crossing over a center circle allowing the stand to support any width from 3 to 10 inches and up to 30 pounds. I use this myself, but sometimes it is hard to adjust the width and if you move it much, you'll find the width gets out of adjustment and you have to shove the edges back in. $25
  • PC Skate: This is a flat piece of plastic a little bigger than your tower on 5 wheels (one on each corner and one in the middle). This design is so simple I love it. $29

Date: August 2011

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