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Computer Replacement

How often should a business replace its computers? If you buy good quality computers, they should be replaced at 5 years. Lesser quality computers will be replaced in 3-4 years. The biggest concern is the hard drive and fans. Next to that is the power supply. Case fans can be easily replaced, but CPU fans are harder to replace. The hard drive however is a real issue and beginning with the fourth year, failure rates go way up. By the end of the fifth year over half have failed.

If you have home computers, and a good backup, perhaps you can afford to let it fail. If your business depends on your hard drive then it is smarter to replace the computer before it fails. I know that many of you have older computers that run just fine, but if the chance of a failure is 35% for the next year, is it worth trying to stretch the extra time out of it?

Do you wait for your roof to leak in winter before replacing the roof?

Date: October 2014

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