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Spideroak Purge Tool

score: 100 – May 2017 – I've created a simple purge tool to reduce the number of previous versions SpiderOak One Backup retains.

Setting up Share Rooms with Spideroak

score: 100 – March 2015 – Spideroak Backup makes it very easy to share even very large files securely and very easily. Here's how.

SpiderOak New Pricing

score: 100 – February 2015 – Spideroak has changed their pricing structure, providing a lower cost less storage option and a higher cost more storage option, but eliminating the current $100/yr for 100 GB option. Current users with current accounts do not need to change and their option will be honored.

SpiderOak Backup

score: 100 – October 2014 – SpiderOak is a great online backup program, but it needs to be cleaned up some and updated occasionally.

SpiderOak Tips

score: 100 – December 2012 – Managing File content in Spideroak Backups. Making sure you do not waste space, or have thousands of copies of a file.

Spideroak Simple File Share

score: 89 – September 2016 – SpideroakOne Backup makes it very quick and simple to share a single file that you have backed up.

SpiderOak New Pricing

score: 56 – October 2016 – Spideroak has new pricing

Recommended Windows Programs

score: 52 – July 2015 – My recommended Programs for Windows with links to get them.

My Favorite Android Tablet Apps

score: 52 – June 2013 – These are my current (May 29, 2013) favorite Android Apps for my tablet. Perhaps you'll find something new in here.

Some Software Updates

score: 17 – April 2016 – Here are some updates you might have missed as Ninite doesn't cover them. - GWX Control Panel, Chaos Software, SpideroakOne, Nod32.

Ransomware Made Easy

score: 7 – March 2017 – Why are ransomware attacks skyrocketing? What can I do about it? Ransomware is being marketed to hackers so they can attack more people more easily and even get technical support and client managment.

Will Congress Make Security Illegal?

score: 7 – April 2016 – The Draft Burr-Feinstein Bill essentially makes good security illegal. It cannot work, will not help, but will hurt our security. Legislating that pigs will fly, won't make them fly. Here's an explanation and links to action you can take.

Get Hacked on NYTimes

score: 7 – March 2016 – Ransomware is being distributed on the NY Times, BBC, MSN and other legitimate sites. We will explain ransomware and how to reduce your exposure.

Additional expenses that come along with a new computer

score: 7 – December 2014 – When you buy a new computer, the additional expenses are often as much or more than the computer. In addition to the new box, what other things must you consider and budget for?

Check Your Backups

score: 7 – June 2014 – It isn't enough to just setup a backup for your computer. You need to check your backups and make sure they are really backed up.

Heartbleed Vulnerability. What is it? What to do?

score: 7 – May 2014 – The heartbleed vulnerability is a major problem creating both panic sensationalism and real serious potential problems. We look at what it is, and what to do.

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