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Purge Old SpiderOak files

SpiderOak keeps an unlimited number of previous versions. This doesn't cause a problem in most cases, but can be an issue for files that change frequently, particularly if you backup multiple times a day or if the files don't compress very well. So I've created a batch file to handle this for you. You do not need to run it often, but maybe once or twice a year it can save you a lot of space.

The file takes a while to run, more time when more needs to be deleted, so be patient. It will keep the daily backups copies for 10 days, weekly for 10 weeks, monthly for 12 months and one a year thereafter. This should be more than enough for most purposes. Clicking on the batch file will close SpiderOak, open a command console, delete the historical file, update the history records, restart SpiderOak and close the command console. I have it reporting everything it does, so you can watch if you like.

The text file I've also posted will explain the 6 lines of the batch file in case you want to adjust the parameters I've chosen, or see how it works.

I suggest emptying your SpiderOak trash after this. The trash is the backup copies of all the files you have deleted from your computer or moved to another place. Be careful you don't delete anything you accidentally removed. This is accessed from the manage tab by clicking on the deleted items folder in the left panel. It can take an hour or so and perhaps a restart for your local spideroak program to be synchronized and reflect the purged files, so you will not see the space reduction immediately.

Also, you might as well upgrade to the latest version at: https://spideroak.com/opendownload
as of April 20, 2017, that was version 6.1.9

You can download this little batch file here:

You can download an explanation of the 6 lines of this batch file here: https://steveshank.com/tools/SpideroakPurge.txt

Instructions for Use

Just download the file and copy it to your desktop. You can put it into your maintenance or tools folder. There is nothing to install. Just click on it to run and watch stuff getting deleted. Be patient. It will restart SpiderOak and close the command console when done.

Date: May 2017

Creative Commons License
This article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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