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Spideroak has fantastic unlimited offer. This week only!

As most of you know, Spideroak One is my preferred online backup program. It has a great combination of top notch security, plus ease of use, good features, excellent reliability and reasonable cost.

They just (August 1, 2018) sent out a limited one week only offer for unlimited storage. For most of you this is irrelevant. There is no reason to buy unlimited storage if you need less than 2 TB, since they sell 2 TB of storage for $129/yr. while their unlimited plan this week is $179/yr. This offer gives you unlimited storage for $100/yr. less than they normally sell 5 TB of space. So, if you want a lot of storage at a reasonable price, this is an excellent option.

Who should be interested

If you have lots of pictures, videos, or other archive material you have not backed up off-site, and it is worth $179/yr. to store it securely and make it part of your automatic backup, then this is an excellent option for you.

Their Email to me

Hey there!

My name is Adam. I'm the Customer Success Director here at SpiderOak. I wanted to let you know about something exciting we're doing this week that doesn't happen very often.

**For the next week we are once again offering the Unlimited storage plan for SpiderOak One Backup!**

This plan will probably not be available again. (We don't offer it on our website and only run this promotion once every few years.)

To get the unlimited storage promo code and to learn how to redeem it please visit

If you have any questions about this deal or backing up your data with SpiderOak don’t hesitate to ask. We’re happy to help.

Have a great week!

Adam Tervort
SpiderOak Customer Success Director

Date: August 2018

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