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Spideroak New Pricing

As many of you know, Spideroak is my current favorite online backup. The software is strong, the security is top notch, it has excellent sharing features, apps for mobile devices and good pricing. However, they have recently changed their pricing structure.

To paraphrase our president, "If you like your current pricing, you can keep it." So, even though the plan most of you are on: 100 GB of data for $100/yr. is being discontinued, you can continue to use it and should be able to renew it at the end of its term. What Spideroak has decided for new accounts (or if you want to change), is to offer one plan smaller and a little less expensive and one much bigger for a little more money.

The smaller plan is for $79/yr and allows you up to 30 GB of storage. Since they use compression and de-duplication, most people will be able to store more than 30 GB on it. This should be sufficient for most people without lots of pictures or video. My backup for my business is less than 20 GB, so this plan would work for me.

The bigger plan is: 1 TB of storage for $129 per year. For those of you with a lot of photos (and not using a photo site for storage), or large amounts of data, this is a fantastic price. This is less than $10 year over Google drive's storage only price and since Google drive doesn't do compression, de-duplication, offer good software, have excellent security, it is truly an amazing bargain.

If you'd like to upgrade your plan, just click the Buy more space button in Spideroak. If you want to start new, or have questions, just call me.

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Date: February 2015

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