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Setting up Share Rooms with Spideroak

[Updated March 2016)

One of the great features of Spideroak Backup is the ability to very easily share files. They have done a nice 2 minute video explaining it.  They have step by step instructions here. Essentially, any folder that you have in your backup can be linked to a private area on your backup and be accessible to anyone with the proper link. Unless a person you are sharing with posts the link on their website, Google and other search engines cannot find it. People will need to have the direct link. If you like, you can add an additional password for access to the share room making it as secure as possible.

Clients of mine are using this to securely share:
  • Accounting and tax files
  • Recordings of lectures
  • Pictures
  • Legal documents

If you are using Spideroak, or thinking of starting to use it for backup, consider how this might be of use for you.

Date: March 2015

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