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Best Articles of 2019

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Articles that answer common problems

I love it when people call with problems I have answered in my newsletter. It makes it clear to me that these articles, at least, were useful and timely.

  • When Websites don't work
    Sometimes you go to a web page and it doesn't work right. The most common reason for this problem is that you have some security measure which is blocking it. This article will explain how to find these issues and quickly adjust your settings so you can do your work.
  • Types of USB connectors 
    USB stands for Universal serial bus, but there are so many kinds. Here's an explanation of the most common ones with images so you will recognize them.
  • Choosing a Notebook 
    What are the questions you should consider before choosing a laptop computer? What are your options? What variables should you consider?
  • Ransomware protection
  • The dangers of Ransomware and some things you can do to reduce your vulnerability.

Articles I wish clients were asking about

  • IoT Attacks increase (how to avoid them) 
    Attacks against IoT devices accelerate. Avoid them if possible. If not, buy from a company that takes security seriously and updates their firmware.
  • Alternatives to Chrome 
    Chrome is the least privacy respecting browser available and is declaring their intention to become even less secure and to dis-allow most ad-blockers. Ad-blockers are essential for safety on the Internet. Here are 5 superior alternatives.
  • How to change your default search engine:
    To help you move to a better, safer and more private search engine, I've provided instructions for changing the search engine default in most major browsers.
  • Alternatives to Google Search:
    Google search, though dominant, is becoming worse and worse. They are factoring more and more irrelevant weights into your results, substantially weakening them. They also track you. Here are superior options.

Useful security articles

  • Cloudflare's DNS service 
    CloudFlare is offering an excellent DNS service we should use on our mobile devices.
  • Windows Security Improvements 
    Microsoft offers some new and improved security features we should know about. One I recommend taking advantage of.
  • Think about their business model
  • When deciding what search engine or browser to use, consider their business model. I review various business models and which browsers and search engines use each one.

Date: January 2020

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