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Alternatives to Google Chrome

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I recommend against using the Chrome browser. There are better alternatives. A client recently emailed me thanking me for recommending Vivaldi. Every few weeks he runs a spyware checker to check for trackers. He was getting a few hundred each time with Chrome. He got 32 with Vivaldi. When I check for trackers on client computers, I find Chrome users can have thousands, while Firefox users have many less and Cliqz users often have none at all.

Not just tracking, but they are dropping basic security!

But over the last few months Google has expressed their intention to become much less safe. They reiterated their intention to change their engine in a way incompatible with most ad blockers. They make their money from ads. They don't want us blocking them.

Ad blockers are essential for basic web security, because many attacks come from malevolent advertisements. Google appears to be following a path that will eliminate ad blockers permanently for Chrome. You might as well switch now to a browser that respects your privacy and provides better security.

Better Browsers

I wrote an article about switching to a better browser here. There is no reason anyone should use Chrome. Better browsers based on the Chrome engine that respect your privacy are: Brave, Vivaldi, and Opera. They will all continue to offer ad-blocking.

Better browsers based on the Firefox engine are: Firefox and Cliqz. All five of these browsers are superior to Chrome. They all do more to protect you and your privacy.

Date: July 2019

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