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Best Articles of 2018

Article Difficulty: Moderate to advanced
Importance: Useful to see if you missed something important

Here's a list of what I and also what my clients felt were my best articles. These can be a refresher or in case you've missed any of them. I've included both those which I felt were important and those which received the most positive client feedback.


  • Security Basics Nov 2018
    What you should understand before accessing the Internet? This article explains the absolute minimum. Rather like a driver's test. If you don't do these things, you shouldn't be allowed on the Internet superhighway.
  • Backups Jan 2018
    How to insure that your important stuff is properly backed up.
  • Email SafetyFeb 2018
    This is the one true foolproof way to avoid all spam phishing attacks. Use the technique and never fall prey to a phishing attack ever.
  • Veracrypt Securing files Apr 2018
    VeraCrypt is a solid, safe, simple way to maintain strong security for some of your files. Their File Container option is excellent for keeping some of your files private.
  • Credit Freezes Oct 2018
    Your credit rating and some personal information from credit bureaus is available to anyone for a small fee even if they don't have your SSN or current address. Why I recommend doing a credit freeze and the new federal law.
  • Monthly Maintenance instructions June 2018
    Monthly computer maintenance will prevent many problems. Just like car maintenance prevents many automobile issues. I've updated my monthly maintenance form. Here are the instructions.
  • Alternative Browsers Nov 2018
    There are good reasons for using "alternative browsers". I present the cases for and against as well as examples to improve privacy and security.
  • Get your online accounts Aug 2018
    The importance of getting your online accounts with your phone company, cable company and government accounts like Social security, IRS, and USPS, because otherwise miscreants can get those accounts to steal your identity.

Living and working better

  • Write Better June 2018
    We can improve our writing with either free or moderately priced options. Current technology will not only correct our spelling but also our grammar and improve our writing style. These programs will improve our writing.
  • Who owns your stuff? Jan 2018
    Who owns the books you buy from Amazon, Audible or Kobo? I chatted with their support. Here are the answers I got and suggestions for leaving your collections to your heirs.
  • Work Remotely May 2018
    A good, secure, inexpensive way to use your office computer from anywhere. Work from home or while traveling, safely and conveniently.

Date: December 2018

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