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Chaos Software Version Update

score: 79 – April 2012 – Chaos Software has updated their excellent business management software. This program handles my contacts, tasks, calendaring and email.

Archive old Chaos Stuff

score: 72 – January 2017 – Those using Time and Chaos or Intellect should consider archiving old tasks, appointments, emails and contacts at the beginning of each year (or every other year).

Mastering Your Life

score: 69 – May 2010 – Chaos Software's Time and Chaos and Intellect

Chaos Calendars

score: 57 – January 2017 – If you are using Time and Chaos or Intellect from ChaosSoftware, don't forget they have free calendars showing national holidays.

Some Software Updates

score: 43 – April 2016 – Here are some updates you might have missed as Ninite doesn't cover them. - GWX Control Panel, Chaos Software, SpideroakOne, Nod32.

My Favorite Android Tablet Apps

score: 22 – June 2013 – These are my current (May 29, 2013) favorite Android Apps for my tablet. Perhaps you'll find something new in here.

Stagger your credit reports

score: 7 – December 2013 – Rather than doing all three credit reports once a year; stagger them and do one every 4 months.

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