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Chaos Software Version Update

As many of you know, I use Chaos Software's Intellect to manage my business and my life in general. They have recently made some changes which overall provide major enhancements. They've upgraded Intellect to version 4 and Time and Chaos to version 8. This is a free upgrade. They also offer a very useful free version which has many feature. I subscribe to the ChaosHost service to give me synchronization for my tablet, android phone and computer. A detailed product comparison of the three available versions is here. They have a large set of videos at Chaos University which make it easy to learn various program features. The Introduction to Intellect 4 is a good place to check out the program.


Before upgrading, make a complete backup of your chaos data folder. Despite the fact that they made about a hundred improvements, still it is possible that some feature you relied on wasn't carried over to the new program and you'll want to go back. The new features require a new database, so the old version can't read the files. If you are sharing data on a network, everyone must upgrade at once since the data files are not compatible.

General improvements for both Time and Chaos and Intellect

  • Tasks now can support multiple linked names
  • New month view. It's fast and provides mouse wheel support
  • Columns are more configurable
  • Alarms were added to Tasks
  • Even speedier performance

Intellect Only, email improvements

  • Quick find speed improved and it now supports the entire mail message body
  • New common In-box as well as differentiated inbox subfolders
  • improved IMAP support
  • Email distribution lists made So Easy
  • Quick lookup on any sorted column
  • Zoom email messages
  • Notes for emails
  • Email supports multiple linked names
  • Contacts supports photos which can sync through Chaos Host to your phone.

If you are looking for a great contact manager/ calendaring / and task list program, check out Time And Chaos.
If you are looking for the above, plus email support, check out Intellect.
You can get a good idea how the program works by looking at the videos and trying the free version.

Date: April 2012

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