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Stagger your credit reports

Doing your credit report checks is a hassle. But I can cut the time it takes by two thirds. Just check one of the credit bureaus. Wait four months and then check the next. Do the final one 4 months later. You can only get a free check once a year from each bureau, but we should check more frequently. Since they have almost the same information it isn't that much more advantageous to check all three, but it is very useful to check more frequently.

Simply set a task in your task manager or calendar software, and have it pop up and notify you. I assume you already do this for changing your furnace filter, water filter, and other recurring tasks.

I use Chaos software's Intellect for this, because I use it to track all my clients, appointments, tasks and Email. But you might want something simpler like the Android phone app "Life Reminders", which is free at the Play Store. There is a small fee for the no-advertising version. It's a pretty cool program by the way.

I use annualcreditreport.com and just check one of the three every 4 months.

Date: December 2013

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