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Why not to use Chrome browser

When I do maintenance on computers, I find that those people who use Chrome have two to three times as many trackers as Firefox users. Google makes their living selling your information, what you do, how much you make, what you search on, what you buy and so forth. They sell it with little regard to whom they are selling it. This makes me uncomfortable.

Firefox is the number one alternative. It is much more privacy conscious, open source and just as reliable and fast. You should choose Firefox over Chrome. Most people will have the same Internet experience, but with less tracking.

For those of you who are truly interested in security and privacy, I recommend Cliqz. Cliqz is based on Firefox, but does not allow extensions, is very security conscious and has fantastic anti-tracking and ad-blocking built-in. I've written about Cliqz here. Where a Firefox user might have 300 trackers accumulate in a month, and a Chrome user would have 700, a Cliqz user would have two or less.

With Cliqz you can just run the program. It has an excellent built-in ad-blocker and anti-tracker system. With Firefox or Chrome, you should install an ad-blocker like Adblock Plus and Anti-tracker (Privacy badger). I've written a short article on using Adblock Plus here, and on Privacy Badger here. These will give you a quick start.

In the upcoming months I'll be looking at some better and more interesting alternative browsers and some interesting extensions. This month I've done quick start guides for Adblock Plus and Privacy badger for those of you not using Cliqz.

Date: October 2018

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