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Using Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger is a privacy tool, not an ad blocker. If an advertizer is tracking you across various websites, then Privacy Badger jumps in and blocks that advertizer. Privacy Badger works by watching and reacting to what is done, not by having lists of advertisers or bad sites. Privacy Badger is attacking third party trackers. These are trackers that do not come from a place you visited, but rather places you don't visit but watch you as you travel from site to site.

When you use Privacy Badger, you'll have a little badger with a number on your browser's taskbar. The image below shows that the page I'm on has 21 trackers watching me.

If I click on the icon, then it'll list those 21 companies that are watching me. It shows a slider to the right of each one. They show an initial position, but you can slide it to another if something breaks.

The Three Positions

  • Green: It is watching you and showing an advertisement, but doesn't seem to be following you from site to site, so it is OK.
  • Yellow: It is following you, but if Privacy Badger blocks it, things break. Privacy badger tries to reduce the amount of information it collects.
  • Red: It is being completely blocked.

You can also simply disable Privacy Badger on a site from that same screen. I haven't had to do this, but the option is quickly accessible if needed.

Date: October 2018

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