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DuckDuckGo More features

Article for: Those who want to get more use from DuckDuckGo search
Difficulty: Easy
Importance: Just can make your life a bit easier


Customize the theme, user interface, and other options. Just use the hamburger icon (3 lines) in the upper right. Besides themes, you can change quite a few settings. DDG will place a cookie on your computer with your settings. They do not leave your computer, unless you choose their cloud save.


Bang is the geek word for an exclamation point. The complete article is here, but, for example: !bestbuy televisions will search Bestbuy for televisions, or !ddgn Oregon budget will use DuckDuckGo News to search for items on the budget for Oregon.




Just type "define" followed by the word, as: define insurrection.





Or just enter the equation and get your results and a calculator with tape on the right.

Maps and directions

DuckDuckGo made a deal with Apple Maps to use their mapping service. It is very good, and for what I've used it for, better than Google Maps. Just enter an address and get a map and directions. Unlike Google Maps, this has no tracking.

Date: March 2021

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