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DuckDuckGo Bangs!

Article for: People wanting faster searches
Difficulty: Moderate
Importance: Save a second or two.
As many of you know, I dislike the way Google tracks and sells our personal information and filters our search results. My default search engine is DuckDuckGo, which I find generally produces better results than Google. I use Bing to search for images. Besides not tracking you or selling your activity, DDG offers many helpful search features, like news and date filtering. I wrote an article explaining how to change your default search engine last August.

Bang is what geeks call the exclamation mark. Notice a 5 fold syllable reduction! Also, it is more fun. So, DDG bangs are how DDG uses that symbol. They let you quickly search a particular place. For example, if you enter !a USB drive, it will search Amazon for USB drives. !a is the "bang code" for search amazon. DDG had 13,505 bangs available as of July 2020.

Other bangs:
  • !imdbtv search for TV shows within Internet movie database.
  • !Buffy search the Buffy Wiki for articles about that show.
  • !ABCnews or !cbsnews or !npr or !foxnews to search those sites for news items
  • !ddgn to search DuckDuckGo news
  • !ddgpd to search DuckDuckGo news for the past day only.
  • !hode to search Home Depot
  • !bestbuy to search Best Buy.

Go to https://duckduckgo.com/bang? To learn more and view options.

Date: August 2020

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