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Vivaldi's built-in Adblocker

Article for: Everyone
Difficulty: Simple
Importance: Could make for a better browsing experience

As many of you know, Vivaldi is my default browser. I've been using it for nearly two years to the exclusion of other browsers. I do not want the tracking and privacy violations that come with Chrome and Edge.

Firefox, along with Adblock Plus and Privacy Badger is an excellent alternative which will not track you. Cliqz and Brave both are privacy centered browsers that are excellent and have built in ad and tracker blocking. I frequently recommend them, but Cliqz seems to shutting down. They couldn't make it financially, so they are no longer a good option.

Vivaldi now has ad and tracker blocking built into their browser. Not only that, but they did it very simply. They have a button next to the address bar which provides 3 options.
  1. No Blocking
  2. Block trackers
  3. Block trackers and Ads

When you select an option, it will remember the selection for that site. This allows you to support sites by allowing Ads for trusted sites while blocking their trackers.

For the last few months, I've used only their built-in blocking and found it just as good as the more complicated systems I was using. Furthermore, if something isn't working, have a single place to go to disable blocking. So, this is simpler than having additional ad and tracker blockers, and just as effective.

Back in 2018 I wrote an article recommending Vivaldi for "Advanced users who will devote some time to their browser".

This is because Vivaldi is very configurable, and a little different. If you take some time, you can really tweak it to your liking. But, given the simplified blocking system, I'm thinking Vivaldi might be a great option for anyone. You need not use many advanced features or configure it to look just the way you want. You can use it "out of the box" and still have a wonderful browser. I like the side panel that gives me lots of options on a thin panel on the left.

Vivaldi is my browser of choice for Android too. It uses the same ad and tracker blocking system. It also offers nice tab and history management.

Further reading

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Date: July 2020

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