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Check your router

Akamai has detected over 4.8 million routers that have open UPnP ports facing the Internet. They have detected that over 65,000 of them are being used by miscreants to re-route traffic. This means that when they attack someone, they can appear to be coming from these compromised routers.

I always turn off UPnP when setting up a router. But if I didn't setup your router, or just for good measure, you should check your router for this exposure. It is very simple and will take less than 1 minute.

Router UPnP check

If you aren't exposed, great. If you are, then you need to access your router's configuration and turn UPnP off. Generally, you will also want to turn off any remote access to your router. If you need help, call me. Every router is different, so I can't give instructions for turning off each router's UPnP. But, many routers had this turned on by default.

I'll be doing this as part of my May 2018 Maintenance checks, so if you are getting checked in May, don't worry about it, I'll do it.

Further Reading:

  • The Akamai report in PDF form.
  • An article I wrote in October 2016 on testing your router. It includes Gibson's UPnP test and others.

Date: May 2018

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