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Daily Computer Maintenance

Many us do not turn off our computers at night, but we should not simply walk away. We should close every program at the end of every day and empty the recycle bin. Programs can have memory leaks, or fail to save something important. So, close and save everything every day, your computer will run better.

Also, check the System tray and see if it is trying to tell you something. I wrote an article about checking your system tray here. The system tray is the area normally found in the lower right by the clock, though some people move it elsewhere. You probably have an antivirus icon there which could be alerting you. You should have either Secunia or Ninite updater there telling you whether you need updates. Windows could be alerting you of updates needed or other problems and there might be a backup program or drive monitoring program attempting to deliver a message. You can often find these things before the problem escalates, if you look at your system tray.

So, check the system tray, close all your programs, and empty your recycle bin. Then, go ahead and leave for the day.

Date: October 2013

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