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Firefox Protection Dashboard


Firefox's new Protection Dashboard is an excellent tool for this browser. How do you use it and what will it do for you?

Firefox does a good job protecting you from tracking cookies. You can check your Protection Dashboard to see what it is doing.

Firefox Protection dashboard access

  1. Click the shield to the left of the address bar for site blocking information.
  2. There is a switch for whether tracking protection is on or off for that site. As you can see, I have it on for BlazersEdge.
  3. Clicking the tracking content > sign will show you which trackers it blocked.
  4. You can change protection settings. I keep mine on strict, but normal is an option.
  5. Lastly, you have the total number of trackers blocked and go to the Protections Dashboard.

These were the trackers it blocked on BlazersEdge.

This is the Protections Dashboard. It shows me that Firefox's tracking protection blocked 277 trackers this week then breaks them down by day. It also shows the number in different categories of trackers at the bottom.

It blocked these types of trackers that week:
  • 38 social media trackers
  • 63 Cross-Site trackers. These are tracking cookies stuck on our computers that were from other companies, not from BlazersEdge.
  • 175 External ads, videos and other content which had trackers in them.
  • 1 Fingerprinting code blocked. Fingerprinting is collecting a lot of information about your computer and software and drivers to identify your computer across various platforms.

This may seem like a lot of trackers to you, but this is just what gets past Ublock Origin which I also use. Here's what it's been blocking.

UBlock Origin on off switch

I did an article on Ublock Origin here. But it shows it blocked 14 advertisements or trackers on this page and that 15 different domains were adding content to that page. It blocked 8 of them. It's also blocked 125,504 advertisements and trackers since I installed it less than two years ago.

Date: June 2023

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