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Four Simple Ways to Help Preserve your Privacy

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Here are 4 simple ways to help preserve your privacy online. Each one is presented simply and with links you can use. All these methods are free.

1. Choose a Browser that Respects Your Privacy

  • Do not use a browser from:
  • Google: It is an advertising company.
  • Microsoft: You can't trust them not to sell your data or use it themselves.
  • Instead use a privacy respecting browser like:

2. Choose a Privacy Respecting Search Engine

  • Do not use untrustworthy search engines like:
  • Google (it's an advertising company!)
  • Bing (You can't trust Microsoft)
  • Instead use a privacy respecting search engine. As you can see from the list below, there are many to choose from.

I've got a list and clear instructions for adding any of these search engines to Vivaldi or Firefox here.

3. Avoid Using Your Email as Your Username

If you can use anything for your username, don't use your email address or even your real name. Make something up. I log into one bank account as Mortimer Snodgrass. I do use my real name on social media and technical forums. I want those people to know who is writing.

4. Always Browse with an Adblocker/Antitracker Installed

My current favorite is Ublock Origin; however, Adblock Plus is also good. If you feel the need for even more protection from trackers, then both Duck Duck Go's Privacy Essentials or EFF's Privacy Badger are excellent.

Date: April 2023

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