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Search Engine Reviews

I've used four privacy respecting search engines during the last month. Here's how I feel about them. Two will absolutely be with me for a long time, and a third is a contender.

I've been playing with various search engines using the techniques described in my August 2022 article. I've also been switching search engines and comparing results. Of course, all these engines protect your privacy. Here's what I'm finding.

AndiSearch: is slow at first, and I'm not particularly happy with its display, but it's very good at parsing complex queries and gives me pretty good results.

PreSearch: Is currently fighting with Groot for my favorite. It uses its own crawlers has its own open algorithms and provides excellent and very clean results with only one advertisement on top.

Yep: Uses its own crawlers and is OK, but not as good as Presearch.

Groot: Uses Google search and just clean everything up and privatizes the results. It uses its own algorithms to decide what to present from the top Google results. I really like this. For tech stuff it's excellent. For other things like book reviews, it is very different from places that get Google or Bing results and don't reorder them by their own system. It has fewer Amazon ads and Goodreads reviews and more independent results. Also a very clean fresh non-advertising ad linking results. If you like Google, you'll probably love this. Fighting with PreSearch for my favorite.

Date: September 2022

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