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Control your Amazon privacy settings

Article for: Amazon Users
Difficulty: Easy
Importance: Improve your privacy

Amazon collects a lot of information about you, but you have a reasonable amount of control over it if you exercise your power. Here's how.

  • Choose Your account from your login. Do not pull down the menu, just click on your account after logging in.
  • In the second group of options, find ordering and shopping preferences click Your Amazon Profile
  • Then click: See what others see at the top. Do others see what you don't want them to see?

This lets you know what you've posted on Amazon that other people see, like all your reviews.

  • Go back to Your Private view and make changes if needed. Along the left side is a list of their settings. I keep everything except reviews private.
  • Under Edit: public profile lets you make any changes you like.
  • Then edit your privacy settings as needed.


I am happy to let people read my reviews, and if I ever create a public wish list, wedding registry or baby registry I would be happy for those to be public.

Under Communication and Content you can choose what you want to receive from Amazon including Advertising preferences and communication preferences.

Now Amazon should be setup the way you want.

Like other sites, be sure and sign out when you are done using their service.

Date: February 2021

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