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Browser games

Article for: The curious
Difficulty: easy
Importance: None

Browsers have created Easter egg games inside themselves. Easter eggs are hidden surprises that only the "in crowd" (within the world of computer geeks), know how to access.


Firefox has built in the old Pong game, Google, Vivaldi and Brave have a Dinosaur run and jump game. Edge has a surfing game. Clearly, Firefox has the edge.


  • From Settings, choose Customize.
  • Then drag all the icons except "Flexible space" into the overflow area. Flexible space is your paddle. The rest of the area is the playing field.
  • The Spacebar will start the game. The right and leftarrow keys will move the paddle.

More detailed instructions from HowtoGeek.

Google, Brave or Vivaldi

Type Google://Dino or Brave://Dino or Vivaldi://Dino depending on your browser into the address bar. You'll get something like this:


Don't panic! You still have internet. Just press the Spacebar to start the game and again to jump and avoid the cacti.


Type edge://surf into the address bar and you'll be able to play a surfing game. I've never tried this, but Microsoft claims it works.

Date: October 2020

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