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How to check you Ballot

Article for: Oregonians who vote
Difficulty: simple
Importance: Checking that your vote counted

Voter registration deadline is October 13, 2020.

You can register to vote from the State of Oregon's My Vote website. You can also check whether you are registered. If the DMV has your correct information, you should be OK. You can also go there to find links to county ballot drop boxes if you prefer using those for ballot deliver instead of the postal service.

They claim that you will be able to check the status of your ballot there as well. I'm eager to see if that works. We should check that they counted our votes. My signature might look different from whatever they have to compare it to. I certainly look different than I looked 50 years ago.

You will get your ballot about 2 weeks before the election. If you mail yours in, return it a week before the election to be sure it gets there in time. That will be October 27.

Date: October 2020

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