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Uninstall Java

Article for:Everyone with Java installed
Difficulty: Moderate
Importance: Very

Oracle has stopped offering Java updates for any commercial use. Open source projects have taken over that function. Because they are not offering free updates, Ninite has stopped offering to keep it updated for us.

Java is not JavaScript

Before proceeding, I need to clear up one confusing point. Java has nothing to do with JavaScript. The probable relationship is that the developers of both liked coffee, but they are entirely different. JavaScript is ubiquitous on the Internet, while Java has virtually vanished.

Why was Java useful?

Java's value was that it created a virtual machine in your computer to run the code it was given. Thus, if you had the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), also known as the Java Runtime Environment (JRE), then a program written in Java would run on it. Programmers wrote programs for the Java runtime and they ran on most computers, whether they are Windows, Linux, MacIntosh or even other platforms. It did not require different programs for each platform.

Why most people moved away from Java

Unfortunately, the Java virtual machine has a long history of requiring multitudes of security patches continuously. It is one of the most insecure programs in existence. They patch quarterly. In January 2019 they patched 284 vulnerabilities. 33 were rated critical. The previous quarterly patch fixed 301 vulnerabilities. In 2013 Kaspersky Labs said the Java web browser plugin was the method of choice for computer criminals. Most current browsers will not support it.

Because of their security problems, people moved away from Java years ago. You probably do not need it. Oracle itself fazed out Java over three years ago declaring it was ending its browser plugins. Most modern browsers no longer support the Java plugins.


Uninstall it. From Control Panel choose Programs and uninstall programs. Find any Java that is there. It could Java or Oracle Java and it could be the 32-bit version and or the 64-bit version. Many people will have multiple copies. Oracle provides these instructions.

Wait and see if any programs you use or websites you need demand that you have Java. Most people won't need it.

If you must install it

If you need it, you can get the current open source Windows 64-bit version at Adoptopenjdk.net and install it.
  1. Choose the Version. I recommend the latest version (currently 12)
  2. You want the JVM (Java Virtual Machine), not the JDK (Java Development Kit). You just want to run stuff, not develop programs. I suggest getting the HotSpot JVM one.
  3. Choose your platform. I recommend 64 bit for 64 bit machines, which is nearly all computers made in the last 5 years.
  4. I recommend the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) installer.

After you install this, Ninite will help you keep it up to date.

If you want, I'll uninstall yours or help you install the proper one if you need it.

Date: May 2019

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