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Microsoft quits Edge

Article for: The Curious
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Microsoft decided to make a "better, faster, safer" browser called Edge after giving up on Internet Explorer. The security and dysfunctional issues with Explorer were insurmountable. That browser was often called 'Internet Exposer' or 'Internet Exploder', so Microsoft abandoned it.

They created a new rendering engine called EdgeHTML. Sadly, it didn't work very well and had both rendering and security issues. So, they gave up on Edge, and have decided to use the Chrome rendering engine.

I don't know whether they will make a new name for the new browser, or call it Edge Pro or what they might do. I also do not know exactly when the transition will occur.

However, if you want a Chrome based browser my three recommendations in order of preference are:
  • For safety, security and simplicity: Brave
  • For a browser that is customizable and powerful: Vivaldi
  • For those who want to use what everyone else uses: Chrome (probably the most compatible).

If you choose either Vivaldi or Chrome, I strongly recommend adding the extensions Adblock Plus and Privacy Badger.

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Date: January 2019

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