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Newsvoice, An interesting News App

As many of you have noticed, Americans seem to be increasingly divided politically. This disturbs many of us. We get news from places that tailor our news to reinforce our biases, whatever those biases might be. They make their money by pandering to our beliefs. Sadly, this tends to move us into a news filter bubble.

Newsvoice separates the monetary interests of the news company from the selection and coverage of stories. It allows the readers to vote on articles to determine which will be promoted and therefore get read. It presents articles from a wide variety of viewpoints.

I am not alone in having a hard time forcing myself to "look at it from the other side" as often as I should. NewsVoice makes it easier because they present their stories with a summary and then link to multiple sources reporting the story from different viewpoints. They label the source Left, right, center, Europe, Asia and so forth. This makes it much easier to check out the perspective of the other side.

Newsvoice has a site, but also Android and Apple apps which are pretty good and definitely worth checking out if you'd like a simple way to break a little bit free of your information bubble.

Date: October 2018

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