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What can the CIA know?

One of the interesting things about the Mueller/Trump investigation and subsequent charges that were filed, is how much information the government could collect on the alleged hackers. Assuming the charges are legitimate, the level of surveillance is scary. Since this information wasn't available when the original report of Russian hacking was made by the Obama administration, it seems likely they collected it and waited for the proper court orders to allow the investigators to access it.

For example, they said that on June 15, 2016 the hackers (who they identified by name) logged into a Moscow-based server and which server and what its street address was. They knew that between 4:19 PM and 4:56PM Moscow Standard Time specific people did searches for certain words and phrases. So, our government knew that particular people in particular places in Russia searched on specific terms. They also knew that at 7:02PM the hacker used WordPress to post on their blog the false information that the hack was from a single hacker. They used the same words they had searched on before, possibly to make sure they were using them correctly in English.

The charges also claim:
"The funds used to pay for the dcleaks.com domain originated from an account at an online cryptocurrency service that the Conspirators also used to fund the lease of a virtual private server registered with the operational email account dirbinsaabol@mail.com."
Once again, this is information they claim to have on Russian nationals in Russia!

They claim to have known that a month before they released the documents they tried and failed to register the domain electionleaks.com so they were forced to settle on dcleaks.com instead.

They researched power shell commands they'd use once they'd hacked the DNC computers. A particular person they name and charge, did searches on how the DNC servers were connected.

Just imagine how much information they are collecting on all of us.

Date: September 2018

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