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Two important KeePass changes

KeePass is constantly being worked on and improved. The most recent 2.39 update has added many features, but I find two most useful. Both must be turned on for use.

  • AutoSave after edit. Previously, after editing an entry you needed to save it. Now, if you turn this feature on, KeePass will save automatically after you edit an entry.
    • Pull down the Tools menu
    • Then choose Options
    • Select the Advanced tab
    • In the top Start and Exit section, check Automatically save after modifying an entry using the entry editing dialog box.
  • Minimize after performing aut0-type. This will minimize the Main window to the taskbar after you do an auto-type. I like it.
    • Pull down the Tools menu and select the Interface tab.
    • In the top Main Window section check the Minimize main window after performing auto-type box.

Enhanced Entry View change

I have recommended the Enhanced Entry View plug-in to many of my clients. This wonderful plug-in makes the notes field use the larger font selected for the List font (Menu bar >Tools >Options >Interface >Select List Font). It also allows us to edit directly in the notes fields section with no need to open the selected entry.

Alex Vallat, the author, had to change his plug-in to make it compatible with the autosave feature added to KeePass. Now your changes are automatically saved when you edit directly in the notes field.

To install Plug-ins for KeePass, close KeePass. Then copy the .plgx file into the program's plugins folder or the program folder. I did this for many of you who are on maintenance plans as part of the normal scheduled maintenance.

Date: June 2018

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