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Replace Malwarebytes with Superantispyware

I've switched my clients from Malwarebytes to Superantispyware (Free edition), and uninstalled Malwarebytes. It was hassling my clients too much, nagging them to upgrade. Those who mistakenly purchased their paid version, sometimes had conflicts and computer slowdowns. Superantispyware is an excellent replacement for a second check to be run once a month, manually. The purpose it to provide a second opinion supplementing your Anti-virus.

I configure Superantispyware by going to System Tools then Preferences:
  • Installing the Free version and declining the offer to upgrade.
  • Unchecking Enable right-click file options in Explorer
  • Unchecking Run in the background (system tray). I do not want a second virus checker running. I just want to run it once a month as a secondary check.

To scan
  • Check for updates on the opening screen
  • Click scan this computer
  • click high boost
  • Click one of the scans (I use Quick Scan)

I did this to all the clients on my April Maintenance schedule.

Date: May 2018

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