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64-bit Browsers

64-bit browsers can be used in 64-bit Operating systems and are generally more stable, faster and more secure. So, if the bugs are worked out, switching to 64-bit browsers makes sense.


You can move to the 64-bit version of Cliqz by simply downloading and installing it. Then uninstalling the 32-bit version. Within the next month or two Cliqz will upgrade you to the 64-bit version on a normal upgrade. All you bookmarks and settings will remain the same. When you uninstall from the control panel, the 32-bit version will say (x86), while the 64-bit version will say (x64) in the program name.


Firefox is already upgrading its browser automatically. You can check your version by going to Help and About and you should see the 64-bit following the version.

If Ninite Upgrader is upgrading your Firefox for you, then it won't switch you from 32-bit to 64-bit, because it's really another program, not simply an upgrade. So the simplest way to do it is to simply download Firefox from here, and install it. It'll offer to upgrade and you should accept. That's it.

If you are on monthly maintenance with me, I'll do it for you during your normally scheduled maintenance.

If you aren't sure whether you have a 32-bit or 64-bit operating system, you can check with Microsoft here.

Other Browsers

Chrome and Safari should already be on 64-bit systems.

Date: March 2018

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