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Malwarebytes Update to Version 3

As all my clients know, I like Malwarebytes antimalware program as a free second opinion to your standard antivirus. The idea is to scan once a month with this quick scanner to have another pair of eyes check your computer for malware. It is an excellent program and has a great reputation which is well-deserved.

Recently, they have been upgrading people from version 2 to version 3 and moving them into a 14 day free trial of their paid version. They are trying to enter the full anti-virus product arena, so they are not just a 2nd opinion, but rather a replacement for your antivirus. The problem is that there aren't enough tests about the quality of their product or the number of false positives for me to recommend replacing your antivirus with this.

They seem to be able to work along side your current antivirus, but, basically it makes me nervous to have more than one antivirus product running constantly. Also, most people really do not need to pay for two antivirus products. If you need two products, you are doing so many things wrong, that even two products won't be able to protect you.

So, I recommend downgrading to their free version. Failure to do this will get you hounded by weird "Real-Time Protection layers turned off" or other messages.

To deactivate the trial, go to settings, then my account and then click Deactivate Premium Trial

A pop-up usually jumps up from the bottom right telling you your trial period has ended and asking you to buy it. Select the middle option which says, "I do not need real-time protection". Then you will be permanently downgraded.

Next I recommend turning on RootKit detection:
Again 3 steps. Choose Settings then Protection then activate Scan for Rootkits

That's it. Now Malwarebytes will work like a newer version of exactly what we have always had.

Date: December 2016

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