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Setting up 2 Home Pages!

Of course, you could set up more than two home pages, but that is done my merely setting up another after you've done two. Multiple home pages can be opened when you open your browser. This means you can open your Web-Mail account to check your spam or email, and open one or more home pages automatically when you open your browser.

Setting up Additional Home Pages in Firefox

  • Go to the the place you'd like to make a second home page and highlight the URL. Then copy it (Ctrl-C)
  • Select tools⁄Options⁄Main
  • After your current Home page press the Pipe key | which is above the \ on most keyboards
  • Paste in your next home page
Image shows my home pages, Arstechnica and Gmail

Setting up Additional Home Pages in IE7

In IE7, go  to the page you want to add and pull down the home icon and select Add or Change Home Page. Then Add the page to your home page tab.

Date: May 2008

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