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Veracrypt Audit

For those who need to keep some information secure, beyond what their password manager will handle, my usual recommendation is Veracrypt. Veracrypt allows you to setup a large virtual drive or encrypt and entire drive and make it completely inaccessible without a password. It can hold accounting information, files, folders, whatever and no one will access it without the password.

Veracrypt took over for TrueCrypt when the team who made Truecrypt decided that they couldn't continue to support it. The Veracrypt people have done a very good job.

Now they have been audited by an excellent security team which found a number of small flaws which have been patched. So, if you are using TrueCrypt you should be on version 1.19 (or later).

The group in charge of the audit is OSTIF (Open Source Technology Improvement Fund). They are a non-profit open source security group which distributes money for:
  • Bug Bounties on open source software
  • Grants for a few critical open source projects that are widely used
  • The purchase professional audits of critical software

The full report is available here.

Date: November 2016

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