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Speed Tests

We are all paying a phone company or cable company for access to the Internet. Sometimes it doesn't seem like we are getting as much as we are paying for. Also, it is frequently useful to test the speed of our WiFi in some room away from our router. Those little WiFi bars are not very accurate or useful.

Here are three test sites to check your Internet connection speed and your WiFi speed in various parts of your house or office.

Fast.com. https://fast.com This is the simplest and fastest. Honestly, this is my GoTo checker. It is provided by Netflix. All it does it quickly gives us our download speed. This is the speed used to download or stream videos or files from websites. It does not checkup upload speed (how fast we can upload information to websites).

Speedtest.net: http://www.speedtest.net - It also has Android and iOS apps. This is a more thorough test. It takes a longer time and checks both download and upload speeds.

DSL Reports: http://www.dslreports.com/speedtest - Is the most thorough, but also the slowest. It checks upload and download speed as well as other factors. More useful for advanced diagnostics than normal users. If you are being thorough, it gives you a good, respected third opinion.

Date: September 2016

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