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Monthly Maintenance

I recommend running through a checklist of tasks to maintain your computer. These include checking:
  • antivirus program logs,
  • patches on your important software
  • Startup program changes
  • Temp file cleaning
  • If using a spinning drive, then defragmentation
  • Backups
    • Local
    • Images
    • Off-Site
  • Computer CPU and Hard drive temperatures

And also to:
  • Empty Recycle bin
  • Run a malware checker to get a second opinion regarding possible infections

I have a checklist you are free to use here, as well as detailed instructions here. Both are found on the forms page of my website.

I provide this maintenance for many of my clients on a monthly basis, and for some who want to do most of it themselves, on a quarterly basis. I'll be glad to do it for you as well.

Date: September 2016

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