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Brian Krebs 3 rules for Internet Safety

In short,
1) If you didn’t go looking for it, don’t install it
Never install any program from an email, spam or even an online advertisement. If something you see is so cool you want it, then do a search on it yourself, rather than clicking and going to whatever caught your eye. Just because it's shiny, doesn't mean it is safe.

2) If you installed, update it
If any of your applications has access to the web, then they need to be kept up to date. Do not leave Itunes, or Dropbox, or your antivirus software a version or two behind. Keep these updated.

3) If you no longer need it, get rid of it
If you don't use a program, uninstall it. Go through your program list at least annually and uninstall what you no longer use. There is no need to have useless exposure. But be careful that you actually know what you are uninstalling!

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Date: June 2016

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