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News: Droning on and on.

New movie explores Drone attacks

"Eye in the sky" is a new movie staring Helen Mirren (7.5 rating on IMDB) which explores the issues involved in a complex drone attack. While remaining an exciting thriller, it explores the issue from many points of view without really coming to any conclusion. Here is an eleven minute interview with the Director Gavin Hood, from Reason Magazine.

NSA Skynet Program to target drone attacks

Using Cell phone meta data to control drone strikes. This is a rather deep article, and technical. Also, they don't make a good case that the program has been used significantly to actually kill people. But it is explaining where the government is trying to go and the technology this imagine is possible. It is eye-opening.

Girl's Iphone Bursts into flames above Pacific Ocean!

While watching a movie on a plane, a Seattle girl's iPhone bursts into flames.

Date: March 2016

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