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Firefox Tips

Firefox is my browser of choice. For awhile, it got rather clunky and Chrome seemed sleek. Now, Firefox is sleek, and Chrome seems clunky. So, I figured I'd share some of my favorite Firefox tips. Many of these tips also work with Chrome. For those of you using Internet Exposer or the new Edge browser, stop it.

Pull out tabs

This is particularly useful for people with dual monitors. You can grab a tab (point to it and hold down the left mouse button), and drag it to another screen or a different place on your single screen. This lets you follow the instructions on one screen while reading them on another.


  • Spacebar page down
  • Shift-Spacebar page up
  • Back Key Go back to previous sites on that tab.
  • Shift Back Go forward through the previous sites on that tab
  • Ctrl-Tab move through the tabs


  • Ctrl + zooms in (makes stuff bigger)
  • Ctrl - zooms out (makes stuff smaller)
  • Ctrl Wheel forward zooms in (makes stuff bigger)
  • Ctrl Wheel back Zooms out (makes stuff smaller)

General control

  • F5 to reload a page. Tells Firefox to go get the page again.
  • Ctrl W to Close a window
  • Ctrl F to find in page
  • ALT to pull down the old menu toolbar - Very useful
  • F11 toggle full screen mode

Middle button (pushing the mouse's wheel like a button)

There are some mice whose wheels do not also function as a middle button, but they are uncommon. It is also possible to program some mice so the middle button doesn't work as a middle button. But, if you haven't messed up a decent mouse these will work. Pushing the mouse wheel is the middle button.

  • Middle click on a link: Opens link in a new tab
  • Middle click on a tab: Closes the tab

Date: January 2016

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