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Updating to Windows 10 - NO!

At meeting of computer consultants on Oct 27 we discussed windows 10 updates. - Not clean installs but updates from 7 or 8.1 to 10. Every consultant recommended waiting. Despite that, many had tested the update on their own non-crucial systems. Also, some clients had updated accidentally or against advice or demanded the consultants update them.

The consultants had experience with 33 update attempts. 11 failed. Most failures could be reversed and returned to their previous condition, but some lost their computers completely. This isn't a large sample, and computer consultants might not have heard from clients who updated successfully, so my guess is that much less than 33% fail. Probably more like 10% or 15% and of those probably 80% can return to their old operating system and continue to run fine, but it still seems crazy to do this with an important machine. Furthermore, possible that if you aren't getting the latest versions of all your software, you could have some incompatibility there.

Tech support centers say that the problems caused by the Windows 10 update are double that of most other Windows operating system upgrades. This is probably not because the upgrade process is worse, but because people are being forced to do it.

Wait a few more months before you succumb to the Borg.

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Date: November 2015

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