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Backup Google Your Stuff

For a number of reasons, it is prudent to keep your own copy of stuff on your Google drive. Google has been known to lose stuff. Furthermore, they have been known to simply kick a user off because of something that was months or longer getting straightened out.

You can backup Google drive files by selecting the files from your account at https://drive.google.com. Then right click and choose download. Google will translate the files into a commonly used format and put them into an archive for you to download.

Google Takeout

However, if you have a lot of files to backup, and perhaps also Google calendar or contacts, then you'll find it easier to use Google's Takeout Service.

I have this link bookmarked and backup every week or so.

Go ahead and click it now so you can follow along.

You are presented with long list of things Google might be storing for you. Click none then select those you really want to backup.

  • Choose next
  • Choose Create Archive
  • Either wait here (if your backup is small) and choose Download, or wait for an email from them and download from the link.
  • You may need to sign into Google again
  • Make a special Google backup folder and put your backup into it. Keep a few.

I have not found a good way to automate this process yet.

Date: August 2015

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