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Wait on Windows 10

Alligator warningMicrosoft is pushing their Windows 10, but you should not get it right away. There is no reason to reserve your copy. You can get it for "free" for a year. Reserved copies will be pushed out on July 30 whether you want it or not. So, if you made the mistake of doing what they wanted you to do, you can cancel your reservation fairly easily. Microsoft's cancellation instructions don't work, but the excellent winsupersite.com has clear step by step instructions that do work (for now).

We don't know how many problems will occur updating your current operating system or how many Gotchas will attack unsuspecting users. Wait until after the first daredevils have reported their results and Microsoft has made its adjustments. In six months or so, perhaps about January 1, it should probably be safe to go in the water, or install the update. I'll review the proper upgrade steps at that time. It will include checking your system, devices and software for compatibility and backing up thoroughly, hopefully with a complete system image.

Most of you have seen their irritating advertisement in your system tray.

Learn to live with it. If you hide it, they'll bring it back with the next update. Since we are essentially renting the operating system from them, they seem to feel they can do whatever they want. So, they have installed a program called GWX.EXE (for Get Windows X) which runs all the time on our machine to control advertising and push Windows 10 on us. This was part of the necessary security updates a couple months ago.

I think this is another step in their attempt to monetize us. Expect more tracking and selling us and more uncontrollable advertising in Windows itself.

Date: July 2015

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