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Firefox: Restoring previous sessions

I am a believer in closing all your programs down every night (even if you leave your computer on) and rebooting your computer weekly. You'll have many fewer problems and your computer will run faster.

One argument for not closing things is: "I've got 25 tabs open and don't want to lose them!" But that isn't necessary. If you close Firefox you can reconstitute all your tabs with just a few clicks.

Restoring session tabs

Adhoc method
Just open the menu choose History and select Restore Previous Session as shown below. All 25 tabs will be restored.

Persistent method

If you want all your previously open tabs to automatically open when you start Firefox, you can open the menu and choose Options/ General / When Firefox Starts: and select the Show my windows and tabs from last time option as shown below.

Date: June 2015

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