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Saving time with Windows Jump lists

In Windows 7 Microsoft introduced a new feature called the Jump List. These are not used by most people, but can be very useful. If you aren't using them, you are missing a time saving opportunity. If you right click on an item in the task bar (normally at the bottom of your screen), it'll show you the items that program has recently opened. So, for example, right clicking on the Explorer Icon lists the folders I frequently open.

If you hover over one item and click the pin, it'll pin that item to the top of the list so it's always there. I've pinned both the Downloads and the Snagit folder since I jump there frequently.

This shows my Firefox jump list with the Passmark CPU Benchmark page pinned. I don't go there often, but frequently enough and I want it available.

Microsoft has a short explanatory video here.

Date: April 2015

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