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Firefox Shortcut Keys

Hotkeys or Shortcut keys can make a program much easier to work with. However, the negative side of them is that you need to remember them. So, to make my favorites list, the shortcuts need to be both useful and easy to remember. Weird stuff and stuff you'll almost never use cannot make my favorites list.


Sometimes I like to have my bookmarks listed along the left side. Sometimes I want the whole screen for the site I'm visiting. B is the first letter of Bookmarks. So, CTRL b is the shortcut that toggles whether bookmarks appear in on the left side of the screen.

You might notice that H is the first letter of History. Just as the bookmarks toggle on and off with B, so the your history will toggle on and off with Ctrl h.

Home Screen

Sometimes we just want to go home. The home screen is the screen Firefox starts up in. You can return to that screen with ALT Home. Remember, CTRL h was already taken with History.


I tend to almost always use the middle button (pressing the scroll bar) to open links in a new tab. I hate having to re-read a previous page. However, the Backspace key will go back when that horrible task is needed.


Ctrl + Zoom in. A plus sign to make things bigger. I can remember that!
Ctrl - Zoom out. Well, of course.


Ctrl F find. Seems simple to remember. First letter being F and all
F3 find next. This breaks my easy to remember rule, but F3 works in so many applications that it is something people should remember anyway.

Address Bar (or Awesome bar)

CTRL L - Goes to the Awesome, address bar. What you say, How are you to remember that? Well, think of it as the Location bar. It is where you want to go, the location.

Date: October 2014

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