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Mozilla is protecting their code from the NSA

Mozilla is concerned that the NSA could require them to put a back door in Firefox and then slap them with a gag order so they couldn't tell anyone. They are worried that they could force a change in the source code, or after the open source code is released, to force them to recompile with a backdoor inserted. So, their Chief Technology officer and VP of mobile and R&D have posted a request the programmers audit their code and set up a system to verify that the downloaded files are correct. This can't be done with any of the other major browsers, because Firefox is the only one that is wholly open source.

Further reading

Wired article:
Because NSA could insert a backdoor into Firefox and then require the programmers to keep it secret under law, Mozilla is calling on the programming community to do constant audits of their software.

Blog Post itself:

Date: October 2014

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